> Security audits and assessments worldwide
> Risk and threat assessments
> Contingency plans for labour disputes
> Emergency plans
> Corporate security standards
> Information protection plans
> Security for executives
> Security for expatriates
> Security for special events
> Security personnel recruitment
> Security personnel evaluation
> Security personnel training
> Selecting the right supplier of security guards
> Standard operating procedures (sop) security manuals
> Outsourced security management
> Corporate investigations
> Security guards


Our services

We provide:


A complete basic security training programme based on:

  • General principles of security

  • International best practices

  • Local laws and regulations


    Specific orientation training that takes into account all site-related requirements


    Recurrent security training


    Special training programmes for security supervisors and upper management


    Our training packages include:

  • On-location training sessions

  • All tutorial documents (optional)

  • Testing and evaluation of participants

  • Detailed report on the performance of participants

    Essential programme elements (for security guards)

  • Universal principles of corporate security

  • The concentric approach to assets protection

  • Regulatory framework

  • Code of ethics, standards of conduct

  • Functions, roles, duties and responsibilities

  • Security systems, equipment and technologies

  • Policies, procedures, rules, regulations and directives

  • Site-specific aspects: perimeter protection, access control, visitor control, intrusion detection, electronic surveillance, protection of critical sectors, locks & keys, site patrol, incident reporting and others

  • Investigations

  • Basic fire prevention (optional)

  • Emergencies

    Programmes for security personnel with supervisory or managerial responsibilities (essential elements)

  • Personnel supervision

  • Performance appraisal and quality control principles

  • Customer service

  • Dealing with personnel-related issues

  • Establishing priorities

  • Effective operational budget management

    Other related services

  • Security personnel recruitment

  • Security personnel evaluation

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual for security personnel


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