> Security audits and assessments worldwide
> Risk and threat assessments
> Contingency plans for labour disputes
> Emergency plans
> Corporate security standards
> Information protection plans
> Security for executives
> Security for expatriates
> Security for special events
> Security personnel recruitment
> Security personnel evaluation
> Security personnel training
> Selecting the right supplier of security guards
> Standard operating procedures (sop) security manuals
> Outsourced security management
> Corporate investigations
> Security guards


Our service

In Canada, this service is available only in the province of Quebec.

The qualifications, aptitudes and performance of our security guards meet or exceed all industry standards. Our service is highly customer oriented, and our personnel management philosophy ensures the highest quality of staff.

Fields of expertise

  • Assets protection

  • Access control

  • Physical and electronic surveillance

  • Site patrol and inspections

  • Emergency response

  • Personal protection

  • Close protection / bodyguards

  • Security drivers

  • Residential security / family protection

  • Special corporate requirements

  • Crowd control during special events, labour disruptions, etc.

  • Customer service / receptionist / visitor control

    Recruitment and selection process


    Sourcing through internal and external data banks, references, networking, and focused ad campaigns


    Pre-selection of candidates / screening of résumés


    Compliance to hiring qualifications check, including validation of permits and licenses


    Preliminary interviews


    Aptitude test battery, including:

  • General aptitudes tests

  • Psychometric tests

  • Knowledge of universal security principles and best practices

  • Knowledge of applicable laws and regulations

  • Knowledge of security equipment, systems, technologies and standard procedures

  • Written and verbal communication tests in English and/or French

  • Work-related scenarios and role plays

  • Supervisory/managerial skill tests – when applicable

  • Special aptitude tests (e.g. close protection techniques) – when applicable


    Secondary focused interviews


    Security background investigation, including (where permitted by law) the following checks:

  • Criminal records

  • Civil records

  • Academic background

  • Employment history

  • Credit history

  • Personal references


    Medical exam, drug test and/or fitness test when required by the client

    Training and pre-assignment procedures

  • Formal security training provided by a recognized academic institution is a prerequisite

  • On-location or off-site induction/orientation training focusing on Standard Operating Procedures and assignment-related requirements

  • Presentation of the Leclair Code of Ethics, and signing of a personal commitment

  • Signing of a Confidentiality Agreement

    Quality control

  • Regular meetings with client to discuss guard-related issues and to follow-up on specific matters

  • Stringent on-site supervision

  • Unannounced inspections at irregular intervals

  • Regulated reporting procedure

  • Recurrent assignment-related knowledge tests

  • Periodic performance appraisals with interviews

  • Recurrent training

  • Client satisfaction surveys

    Other related services

  • Security for executives

  • Security for special events

  • Security personnel recruitment

  • Security personnel evaluation

  • Security personnel training

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual for security personnel

  • Selection of a supplier of security guards (outsourced management of a Request for Proposals)

  • Careers: Apply for the position of security guard


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