> Security audits and assessments worldwide
> Risk and threat assessments
> Contingency plans for labour disputes
> Emergency plans
> Corporate security standards
> Information protection plans
> Security for executives
> Security for expatriates
> Security for special events
> Security personnel recruitment
> Security personnel evaluation
> Security personnel training
> Selecting the right supplier of security guards
> Standard operating procedures (sop) security manuals
> Outsourced security management
> Corporate investigations
> Security guards


Our service

We can provide you with a professional, objective and comprehensive evaluation of your in-house (corporate) and/or contractual (agency) security personnel, and submit a detailed report on the profile of the group and the individual performance of each participant.

Our evaluation metrics

The elements of our evaluation include:

  • Summary of academic background

  • Summary of work experience

  • Basic work-related aptitudes

  • Knowledge of universal security practices

  • Knowledge of local work environment

  • Knowledge of local policies, procedures, rules and regulations

  • Judgement and decision-making ability

  • Autonomy/resourcefulness

  • Assertiveness / capacity to enforce regulations

  • Tolerance to stress

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Customer service: attitude towards company personnel, visitors and others

  • Ability to respond adequately in the event of an emergency situation

  • Supervisory and/or managerial skills (when applicable)

    Our methodology

  • Written aptitude tests

  • Verbal aptitude tests

  • Written communication tests – English and/or French

  • Verbal communication tests – English and/or French

  • Focused interviews (3)

  • Role play, work-related scenarios

    Our evaluation report

    Our report is comprised of:

  • A detailed profile of the group

  • An in-depth assessment of each person evaluated, including:

  • A summary of the academic background and professional experience

  • A personal and professional portrait of the person

  • Complete test results

  • A synopsis of the strengths and weaknesses

  • Specific recommendations (if any) pertaining to training

    Other related services

  • Security personnel recruitment

  • Security personnel training

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual for security personnel

  • Selection of a supplier of security guards


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