> Security audits and assessments worldwide
> Risk and threat assessments
> Contingency plans for labour disputes
> Emergency plans
> Corporate security standards
> Information protection plans
> Security for executives
> Security for expatriates
> Security for special events
> Security personnel recruitment
> Security personnel evaluation
> Security personnel training
> Selecting the right supplier of security guards
> Standard operating procedures (sop) security manuals
> Outsourced security management
> Corporate investigations
> Security guards


Our service

A customized plan that provides expert advice and describes the best methods and procedures to protect sensitive, confidential or proprietary information at work, at home, or when traveling.

1. Corporate information

  • Companies must take proper measures to protect corporate information of a sensitive, confidential or proprietary nature that could cause significant damage to the company if mishandled or accessed by unauthorised parties, such as:

  • Research & Development projects, evolution reports, prototypes

  • Proprietary processes, drawings, plans, blueprints, microfilms

  • Business contracts

  • Business plans, strategic plans

  • Corporate action plans: acquisition/takeover/merger, expansion, downsizing, closing

  • Tender documents, Request for Proposals submissions and bids, Blue Books

  • Financial documents, pre-release financial results

  • Legal documents

  • Security assessments, risk and threat assessments

  • Security incident reports

  • Corporate investigation documents

  • Trade secrets

  • Customer databases

  • Quality-control test results

  • Employee files

  • Archives

  • Ill-protected corporate information is vulnerable to:

  • Theft

  • Disclosure

  • Unauthorized duplication

  • Alteration

  • Destruction

    ... which can have a highly detrimental impact on the company's activities, finances, reputation, competitiveness, and performance on the stock markets.

    2. Personal information

  • Personal information on company employees, especially executives, can also cause serious harm to the person and to the organisation when it stolen or mishandled. It includes:

  • Personal coordinates, date of birth

  • Social insurance number

  • Financial information, income, investments, liabilities

  • Banking information

  • Credit card information

  • Insurance policies

  • Academic records

  • Medical information

  • Will

  • Passport

  • Personal contractual agreements

  • Personal correspondence

  • Passwords

  • Misappropriated personal information may lead to:

  • Property theft

  • Identity theft

  • Fraud

  • Blackmail

    ... as well as direct and indirect damage to the company.

    Our methodology

    We offer you a complete plan aimed at protecting corporate and personal information efficiently against unauthorised access. Our five-fold methodology encompasses the following elements:


    Analysis of the context and the company's activities


    Identification of potential threats and their impact on the company


    Assessment of all existing protective measures, focusing on:

  • Office design and layout

  • Access control

  • Intrusion detection

  • Electronic surveillance

  • Protection of critical sectors, systems and equipment

  • Information classification and labeling

  • Office equipment

  • Storage of sensitive information

  • Disposal of sensitive information

  • Clean desk & clear screen policy

  • Mail handling


    Thorough after-hour inspection of the facility (facilities) where sensitive, confidential or proprietary information is handled or stored, and detailed report with findings and recommendations


    Technical surveillance counter-measures (optional)

    Other related services

  • Conception of security awareness programmes for employees

  • Conception of corporate security policies, rules and regulations

  • Risk & Threat Assessments

  • Security audits and assessments


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