> Security audits and assessments worldwide
> Risk and threat assessments
> Contingency plans for labour disputes
> Emergency plans
> Corporate security standards
> Information protection plans
> Security for executives
> Security for expatriates
> Security for special events
> Security personnel recruitment
> Security personnel evaluation
> Security personnel training
> Selecting the right supplier of security guards
> Standard operating procedures (sop) security manuals
> Outsourced security management
> Corporate investigations
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Our service

We provide a complete, objective and very methodical evaluation of all the security measures currently in place at any type of facility, including:

  • Corporate office buildings

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Distribution centres

  • R & D centres and laboratories

  • Food processing plants

  • Hospitals

  • Colleges and universities

  • Hotels

  • Prestige residences

  • Hazardous materials facilities


    Since we do NOT sell security equipment, our assessments and recommendations are absolutely objective and unbiased.

    Security audits for various needs

    Our services are often required:

  • To determine or validate the existing level of protection against potential threats

  • To identify any shortcoming, weakness or inadequacy in the security measures in place

  • To evaluate security measures at a company or facility considered for acquisition or merger

  • To appraise security measures within the context of a due diligence

  • To assess the proper security measures required in a new venture or an expansion project

  • To assess the level of protection prevailing at a facility used as collateral


    The scope of our evaluation is established on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the local environment, the nature of on-site activities, and the desired level of protection. We perform an objective and very thorough evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of all existing security measures. All elements of physical security are evaluated: physical barriers, equipment and systems, policies and procedures, and human factor.


    The focus points of our assessment include:

  • Perimeter protection

  • Access control

  • Intrusion detection

  • Electronic surveillance

  • Protection of critical infrastructures and assets

  • Information protection

  • Regulations, policies, directives and procedures

  • Fire prevention

  • Emergency preparedness and response


    Our findings stem from:

  • Observations made during an in-depth inspection of the site

  • Information gathered during focused interviews

  • The analysis of all documents provided

    Vulnerability Assessment

    Using a multi-level risk assessment matrix, each finding is attributed an intrinsic value that takes into consideration:

  • The probability of occurrence of a security incident

  • The impact of such incident on the company's operations


    Since we do not sell security equipment, our findings and recommendations are absolutely objective and unbiased.


    We can also provide:

  • A detailed Financial Plan in line with the recommendations formulated in the audit/assessment report

  • On-site project management, supervision and/or monitoring during the implementation phase

  • Periodic audit follow-ups to ensure that the desired level of security is achieved and maintained.

    Other related services

  • Risk & Threat Assessments

  • Corporate security standards

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual for security personnel

  • Information protection plans

  • Security personnel evaluation


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