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Corporate expatriates

Corporate expatriates are professionals sent abroad temporarily or permanently by their companies. In most cases, those employees are relocated to a country where the local culture is other than that of their own upbringing. In some instances, they may end up residing in an environment where inherent threats with which they are unfamiliar can pose a serious risk to them and their family.

Our services

Based on extensive experience abroad and international best practices, we provide very proactive and comprehensive guidance aimed at protecting expatriates and their family residing in risk areas:


Prior to the assignment

  • We can perform a concentric Security Assessment of the country (and neighbouring countries), the state/province/region and the city, including a factual analysis of the local threats, including the presence of terrorist groups, if any, and any recent history of terrorist attacks and other significant security incidents;

  • We can recommend temporary hotels and provide guidance in selecting a safe area for your residence. In both cases, we supply a clear guide containing prevention-oriented tips for you and your family;

  • We can provide professional advice on travel security, focusing on:

    1. Preparing for the trip

    2. Your entourage during the trip

    3. The level of risk prevailing at destination

    4. Air travel security

    5. Public ground transportation

    6. Rental vehicles

    7. Preventive driving advice

    8. Information protection when traveling

    9. Emergency situations


    Once on location

    We provide:

  • An on-location security assessment of any business facility or residential housing;

  • A corporate Contingency Plan and/or an Emergency Plan, or an objective evaluation of the existing documents and procedures;

  • A personal Security Plan for you and your family;

  • Personal security awareness training;

  • On-location advance security planning and inspections for local travels, outings, meetings, dinners, etc.

  • Arrangements for close protection, private drivers and enhanced-security vehicles when the prevailing level of risk warrants it.

    Other related service:

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